The Five Takeaways from Photography



Whenever I gaze upon a strong photograph, I cannot help but feel a sense of connection to the beliefs, passion, and goals that that an artist had for his or her own work. Their work, while simple in its time, becomes a universal language understood by all who gaze upon it. Since I started photography, I have become completely infatuated by the overall presence that a camera and a photograph can have on a group of people. While as much as I can focus on the photo itself, photography encompasses an entire community that connect, teaches, and learns after every click.

Below, I have highlighted five of the big takeaways from my experience as an amateur photographer. One thing you need to keep in mind is that we are a community. We look to engage others not just by the story of our work, but also by the process of capturing our art.


1. Networking with Everyone

When it comes to photography, you are constantly networking each and every day. Beyond your overall travels, you will come across a variety of people. Be it photographers, mentors, models, subjects, art directors, or stylist, the possibility of connections are endless. While there are some of those who you will never see or speak to again, you never know when that right connection will be made. It may be a mentor that can help develop your skills as a photographer or a subject that can become a lifelong friend and partner for your work in the future. Regardless of the reason, take advantage of your connection and continue to build upon it.

2. Talk to an Expert

Similar to that above, photography can oftentimes be a frightening hobby to undertake, especially if you are new to the scene.  As you are networking, make sure you answer a variety of questions. This can be either in person with a professional or on an online format. Regardless of whom you are speaking with, try and pull as much information as possible, especially from the veteran photographers. Those ten minutes of conversation can be more valuable to your growth and development as a photographer than any book or video tutorial.

3. Out in the Open

The best part of photography is that anything can be your subject. This is your chance to experiment with different topics and scenes. Go beyond your comfort zone and test out a variety of photos. The only way you can grown and improve as a photographer is by practicing your technique each and every day. In addition, by going out, you will be able to develop your own style and technique for your own personal photos.

4. Inspiration

No matter who you are, there will always be an underlying motivation of why we decided to pick up our cameras. Many people do it for the love of the job. Others do it for the love of the subject. Whatever your reason is, make sure you continue to push that fire and passion each and every shot. A good solid way to do this is to pre-plan a theme or concept you want to capture. Start off by thinking of emotions. Are you looking to express anger or happiness in your piece? If you have an answer, why do you want to express that? By answering these questions, you will be able to decide on which subject you want to capture for that day.

5. State of Learning

Even with years of experience, I still find myself learning new trick, approaches, and techniques to further enhance my style. With photography, the hobby continues to evolve with the advancement of technology. Because of this, there is always something new to learn to better improve your shots each and every day. These type of moments are those that force photographers out of their comfort zone and inspire and motivate them to shoot each and every day.

Smartphone Photo Editing Apps: Chapter 1


In the modern age of technology, the use of high-powered DSLR cameras is no longer the only devices that can archive scenic and motivational HD photos. Today, the new generation of smartphones has changed the notion of traditional photography with their instantaneous and immediate posting and on-the-spot editing techniques. One of the biggest changes that have constantly grown over the past five years has been the editing options and applications for your photos. With these options, a person is able to change bland and dry photos to dramatic visually impactful subjects.

Below, you will discover three of the photographer recommended photo-editing apps that you can use to alter your photos in the best possible way. While it can be difficult starting off, try and gain a sense of what these options can do for you.



Snapseed is a photo-editing application produced by Ni Software that enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters. Snapseed users can edit pictures and photographs by using the swiping gesture to select different effects and enhancements. Alternatively, users can opt for an automatic adjustment of color and contrast. But for those who want to go above and beyond, try playing with the various special effects that this application offers. These include Drama, Grunge, Vintage, Center-focus, Frames, and Tilt-shift. Because of its user friendly interface, clean and sleek mobile look, and last but not least, basic photo processing techniques, Snapseed has become one of the most popular rated apps within the Top 100 Best Android App of 2015 PC Magazine.


Another very popular mobile editing application is the VSCO Cam. In addition to rich photo-editing techniques, the VSCO Cam also functions as a camera app. But to go beyond the obvious, VSCO Cam have built their reputation in the photo world by creating unique film emulation presets that can be used with the desktop software Adobe Lightroom. In addition, many of the filters feature soft and faded looks that have quickly become very popular amongst mobile photographers. While still comparative to its rival, Instagram, VSCO Cam provides its users with the gold standard for both photo and film emulation.

Filterstorm Neue

Filterstorm Neue offers many of the features and editing control of the more powerful desktop applications like Lightroom and Photoshop. The only difference is that it comes in a mobile-friendly format! For those eager photography enthusiasts, this is the perfect app for you. Filtersrom Neue provides you with more advanced editing techniques to help take your photographs to another level. It will require you to invest some time in learning how to use this app. Much of this app requires you to have an understanding of brightness, contrast, Hume, luminosity, and curves. One additional feature that really sets Filterstorm Neue apart from the rest is that you can selectively apply adjustments through a number of tools, including a powerful masking brush as well as radial and linear gradient filters. Currently this is on sale for $3.99 at the Apple store for your iPhone or iPad.


Jack Halfon Faces and Places (16)Is everything worth it if you can’t even smile?



Jack Halfon Faces and Places (26)At the end of the day, sometimes faith is all we need.



Jack Halfon Faces and Places (47)

When the world embodies the fear, love, hate, and happiness all in one photo.


Jack Halfon Faces and Places (131)In two sentences, create a story of what you see. Make it believable, make it memorable, and most importantly, make it everlasting.



Sit and Relax

Jack Halfon Faces and Places (74)


I’ve always understood that the beauty of photography is not just the photo itself, but the message behind the photo. If you can picture it, imagine it, and feel it, then you have a good photo.

A House is Not Just a House

Jack Halfon Faces and Places (110)When we think of our homes, we think of them not just as four walls where people live in, but a place for people to grown in too. For every house, they have their own personality. They tell their own story. What story do you see here?


Faces & Places

It is not what you know, but what you have done. Question is, what was your impact?

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Jack Halfon Faces and Places (186)

Jack Halfon Faces and Places (190)

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